Crop Yield Forecasting

Overcome changeable weather and uncertain harvests with our Yield Forecaster

Our Yield Forecaster combines long-term weather forecasting with AI and deep scientific knowledge of crop harvesting, providing you with unprecedented insights into end-of-year yields up to 8 months in advance. Implementing these insights allows for better resource management, proactive actions, and cost savings.

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Infographic that shows how the Crop Yield Forecaster can be used months ahead
Anticipatory action

Reliable forecasts on long leadtimes allow for true anticipatory action on the field and in your organisation.

Optimize risk

Minimize uncertainty & mitigate adverse effects from volatile weather.


Tailored forecasts tuned towards your needs.

Weather explains 30-40% of variability in crop yields.


At the same time, we know the weather is becoming more volatile and traditional forecasting accuracy beyond two weeks is not sufficient for explaining this variability.

Strengthen your climate resilience with AI

Our Crop Yield Forecaster empowers you to navigate the challenges of weather variability with strategic forecasts up to 8 months in advance. Transform your future planning with AI-driven insights that strengthen your adaptive capacity, ensuring more resilient and strategic agricultural operations.

With the Yield Forecaster, you can:

Anticipate crop yields months before harvesting, providing you with a decisive advantage in a competitive agricultural market.

Identify and proactively address potential risks associated with adverse weather conditions, safeguarding the agricultural activities in your region.

Optimize resource allocation, including water and agricultural management to strengthen climate resilience.

The Yield Forecaster is applicable for a wide variety of use cases

Farmers and agronomists

Optimize planting schedules and input applications.

Supply chain managers

Improve inventory management by aligning supply with predicted agricultural outputs.

Commodity traders

Leverage forecast data to make informed trading decisions based on anticipated crop yields.

Agribusiness executives

Use predictive analytics for strategic planning and global procurement initiatives.

Insurance companies

Enhance risk assessment models to set more accurate premiums.

Agricultural consultants

Offer more precise advice based on advanced forecasting, enhancing service value to farm operations.

Government & aid

Plan better food security strategies and resource allocations.

Scientists & researchers

Use data to validate climate impact theories, refine crop models and develop adaptation strategies.

Sustainable farming

Practice environmentally responsible farming by forecasting optimal resource usage.

Case study

Discover how Beyond Weather's new US Yield Forecaster unlocks economic gains.

Learn how our cutting-edge AI system delivers accurate predictions of soy and corn yields up to 8 months in advance, and download the data set to perform your own analysis.

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