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Confidently strategise weeks, months and seasons ahead

Utilise the new age of weather forecasting, rooted in the convergence of artificial intelligence and climatology. Designed to equip businesses and NGO's with knowledge and foresight, months and seasons ahead.

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2x as accurate AI
>200% accurate

The models of Beyond Weather have twice the skills of current best-in-class models.

Explainable AI
Explainable AI

An easy-to-understand UI that outlines important factors that drive the forecast, so you can understand, analyze and judge te results.

AI confidence
Elevates confidence

The model excels at identifying ‘Windows of Opportunity’, thereby showing you when to be comfortable and when to be cautious.

AI emperically trained
Empirically trained

Trained on data sets spanning 70+ years. Automatically identifies important teleconnections within a vast matrix of climate variables.

Navigate industry-specific challenges with tailored long-term weather forecasts

From agriculture and energy to disaster risk management, our robust SaaS model ensures seamless integration into your operational strategy, delivering accurate, actionable insights, enabling you to refine your strategies and maximize beneficial outcomes.

  • Energy
  • Agriculture

Beyond Weather assists energy and utility firms in planning supply, demand, and network operations as a result of climate change’s increased volatility of weather conditions.

Important benefits:

Assess and mitigate volume risks

Predict energy demand and supply with more confidence, enabling superior trading decisions.


Beyond Weather is developing products for the agribusiness.

Scientific results for the US have shown promising results, with skillful forecasts of Soy yield 8 months prior to sowing (see scientific paper here).


Weather extremes are increasing around the globe, with dramatic consequences for society, especially in vulnerable nations in the Global South. Beyond Weather contributes to risk reduction by strengthening early warning programs with our AI-based forecasts and expertise. We do this on a non-profit basis.

For proper disaster risk management, early action is essential. Relief organizations need to know well in advance where food shortages or human displacements are likely to occur - only then they can optimize their resources in an optimal way. A reliable long-lead weather outlook therefore provides indispensable information: Is the rainy season likely to fail? Will we see oppressive heat making it unbearable to work outside? What will the harvests look like?

A prime mission of Beyond Weather is to help the most vulnerable where we can, with our expertise and AI-based forecasts. For example, working with the World Food Program (WFP), Beyond Weather scientists have been involved in early warning – early action programs for food security in southern Africa. We also organized hackathons to improve drought predictability in the Horn of Africa together with experts from the Famine Early Warning System.

> 0 %

more accurate than competing solutions

0 + years

experience in data-driven long-range weather forecasting

Climate expertise

A view inside the black box

We believe that a skillful forecast of the weather by itself is not enough. Trust in a forecast is essential. Especially AI techniques can be 'right for the wrong reasons'. Over years of academic research, we have gained a lot of expertise. Our expert knowledge of the climate system, in combination with causal discovery and explainable AI techniques, allows us to interpret the sources of predictability. We provide forecasts that are reliable, accurate, physically plausible and verified by experts.

Issue-driven forecasting

A weather forecast that starts with your question

Conventionally, weather forecasts have always been a one-way street. Due to the computational power needed to create numerical forecasts, forecasts have been created by the national meteorological institutes. As is their public task, they generate weather forecasts for society at large. The question of the end-user is answered afterwards, by translating weather information into impact. 

With Beyond Weather we want to turn this into a two-way street and create a forecast that starts with your interest. Because Beyond Weather creates a completely independent weather forecast, we can flexibly tune our forecast towards your needs. We can focus on your area of interest, the variable that matters most to your business and the time of year that is most important to you.

impact forecasting

Not only forecasting the weather itself, but also its impact

In the end, we are not only interested in weather, but also its impact. With Beyond Weather, we are able to directly forecast the phenomena that truly matters, like directly forecasting crop yields or power demand. Let's find out what we can do for your business!

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Predict, plan and prosper

Step into the future of climate intelligence and join the growing number of companies leveraging our AI-enhanced, long-term weather forecasts.

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