Sun, rain, and beyond: a recap of our summer weather forecasts
Jannes van Ingen
Jannes van Ingen

Published on: 2023/09/14

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After the holiday season, a burning question echoes through the halls of almost every company: 'How was your summer?' But here at Beyond Weather, we put a unique spin on it: 'How was THE summer?' As we reflect on our one-month-ahead forecasts for July and August, we're thrilled to report that we've aced most of Europe's weather predictions. So yes, our summer has been good.

In July, we triumphed in the western regions of our continent. However, we admit we missed the mark when it came to the stark contrast between Northern and Southern Europe. Those predicted warmer-than-normal temperatures ended up further south than anticipated.

In August, our forecasts for Eastern Europe were quite on point, although we did fall short in predicting the colder-than-normal conditions in Germany, Denmark, Scandinavia, and, as it tends to happen, the persistent warmth in Spain and Portugal.

Beyond Weather july-august- retrospect

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Now, as the seasons change and winter approaches, we look forward towards an exciting forecasting period. Would like to join us in this endeavour? Reach out for a demo!

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Jannes van Ingen
Jannes van Ingen

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