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Beyond Weather: Where Climate Science and Artificial Intelligence Meet to Create Powerful Forecasting Solutions

Transforming weather forecasting to build societal resilience and accelerate the energy transition

Weather is an omnipresent force that impacts businesses in countless ways, from agriculture and energy to supply chains and financial markets. With the growing frequency of climate extremes and rare weather events, the need for accurate long-range weather forecasts has never been more critical, even more so in a world where the reliance on renewable energy sources grows every day.

Accurate, reliable and explainable long-range weather forecasts reduce imbalance costs and improve the stability of the energy system. By providing detailed insights into renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro, we enable businesses to anticipate demand and optimize their energy production. This is especially important for businesses that are frontrunners in electrification and are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. In this way, we help speed up the energy transition.

Beyond Weather is an Amsterdam-based Vrije Universiteit spin-off company

We are strongly grounded both in science (VU) and the entrepeneurial ecosystem of Amsterdam.

Our team:

Jannes van Ingen

MSc. Jannes van Ingen

Chief Executive Officer

Jannes is an econometrician with an interest in sustainability, climate and weather systems. He loves to work with code and data and likes to put these skills to use to make our world a better place. After working in a consultancy firm and graduating from VU Amsterdam, he started this S2S-AI venture with Sem and Dim. As a fanatic sportsman, he spends his free time riding his racing bike and playing football.

Sem Vijverberg

Dr. Sem Vijverberg

Chief Technical Officer

Sem studied Climate Physics and is passionate to make a positive impact on society. During his Phd, he focussed on both method development, physical understanding, as well as entrepreneurial skills. His work lay the foundation of the S2S-AI venture. His free time is occupied with a wide variety of activities, including different types sports, hiking, theater and camping.

Dim Coumou

Prof. Dim Coumou

Chief Science Officer

Dim is a climate scientist fascinated about extreme weather. He has a passion for fundamental science but is also eager to bring new insights to society by improving prediction and early warning and identifying key societal risks. He has worked in half a dozen countries and currently holds the professorship of Climate Extremes & Societal Risk at VU Amsterdam. Dim likes sports, reading, music, traveling, and cooking.

Steven van den Tol

Steven van den Tol

Chief Commercial Officer

Steven is an experienced founder (15+ years) with a passion for driving positive change in the world. Founder of Onderwijshelden and Nationale Examentraining (acquired by Lyceo). Decided to focus his efforts on businesses that are essential for the energy transition, such as Beyond Weather. Committed to building sustainable, scalable businesses that have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole. Steven is a dad, capibara lover and your typical entrepeneur who made all the classic mistakes.

Marc van der Peet

Marc van der Peet

Chief Product Officer

Marc's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his track record of founding two successful AI-based SaaS companies. His first company, Contexta360, provides businesses with advanced voice and text analytics solutions, while his second venture, amberscript.com, offers AI-powered transcription services. Marc's experience as a data-scientist at Deloitte has been instrumental in shaping his entrepreneurial journey, where he has been able to leverage his expertise in data and AI to create innovative products that cater to the needs of modern businesses. He is a lifelong learner.


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Published scientific research by us

Vijverberg, S. & Coumou D.

March 15, 2022

npj Climate and Atmospheric Science

The role of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and ocean-atmosphere interactions in driving US temperature variability.

Sem Vijverberg, Maurice Schmeits, Karin van de Wiel, Dim Coumou

December 2, 2020

American Meteorological Society

S2S statistical forecast of Eastern U.S. Hot Temperature Events

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