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Leverage the power of AI to make informed decisions about weather, months before it impacts your operations.

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Make informed business decisions, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities

Beyond Weather's forecasting solutions combine the expertise of climate scientists with the power of AI, replacing traditional dynamic models, to create targeted long-range forecasts (2 weeks - 6 months) by linking decades of data and identifying teleconnections such as ocean salinity, soil moisture, and sea surface temperature.

Leverage our unique AI-driven approach

Our approach, tested against traditional models like SEAS5, offers up to twice the performance, enabling accurate, explainable, and actionable forecasts for businesses, NGOs, and governments to confidently plan ahead.

Apply industry-specific use cases for actionable results

From 2 weeks to 6 months ahead

Landscape with clouds, wind mills and agriculture

More accurate price estimations for energy trading in gas and power forward markets, accurately quantify power and gas needs for big energy portfolios, and reliably forecast renewable supply.

Satellite image of a landscape with agricultural features

Decrease harvest loss risks, maximize growing conditions and enhance sales operations.

Drone image of a cargo ship transporting shipping containers across the ocean

The smooth functioning of global suppliers, who rely on just-in-time inventory, is highly dependent on precise predictions to ensure a constant flow of goods and uninterrupted business operations. We help to optimize shipping conditions for the transport of perishable goods.


These industry specific insights are currently in development and will launch soon

Amsterdam Zuid-as heart of the financial sector in the Netherlands



Improve risk management, confidently underwrite insurance policies, and generate competitive advantage in commodity trades.

Satellite image of forest fires and smoke plumes



Proactively plan and optimize resource allocation for targeted relief efforts in regions prone to extreme weather events and enhance your capacity to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Abstract image of a network with nodes


More coming

We're currently working on other industry-specific propositions.

Choose from our comprehensive product offerings that fit your exact use case

We provide you with a variety of ways to access our data:

  • SaaS Subscription: Sign up for our subscription service and gain access to our accurate forecasts through a user-friendly online portal.
  • High-End Reseller Partnership: Partner with us to incorporate our forecasts into your consultancy services and offer your clients the best possible solutions.
  • Custom-Built Forecasting: Receive tailored forecasting solutions designed to meet your unique requirements and provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.
Artist impression of what a graphical interface of Beyond Weather might look like

Easily access data through API and graphical interface for immediate insights

Our data is available through API for those who prefer raw data, but we also provide a graphical interface that allows users to dive into the data and gain insights quickly.

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